Join Team MAFA Collier Counties only nationally competitive Olympic Taekwondo Team. There are two team options to test your competitive spirit in Sparring and Forms. Led by Head Coach Master Luis Cocco and Jason Gabauer our team are striving to reach the top of the national and international teams. Master Cocco has taken competitors to both national and international competitions and is one of the foremost team coaches in the USA.

State Team – The State team will compete in tournaments within the State of Florida but will not be eligible for National or International Competitions. This team is best suited for Black Belts or Color Belts that show the 3D’s of Dedication, Discipline and Desire to reach the top.

Premiere Team – Our premiere team is training with the goal of national and international competitions. Training is rigorous and requires a high level of dedication both in and out of training sessions.

A student must be enrolled in a regular family program while a color belt to compete on the team. Blackbelts have the option of dedicating all of their training to the Premiere Team

A yearly team fee is required along with attendance at seminars and training camps that usually require a small fee.

Eligible for the Family Plan? NO